Bouldercombe Large Animal Rescue workshop 22 October 2016


bouldy1Twenty-four engaged and enthusiastic participants attended the 45th Queensland Horse Council Large Animal Rescue workshop, held in the tiny Central Queensland town of Bouldercombe on Saturday the 22nd of October.

Miracle worker Claire Bourke of ATHRA secured yet another Queensland Government Grant that enabled Bouldercombe Horse Trail Riders Club to offer this workshop at a significant discount to ATHRA members and free to Rural Fire Brigade volunteers.

Ken Kirkwood hired a brilliant venue, the Bouldy sports shed, and this rates in the top three of the best places I’ve ever conducted these workshops. Thanks, Ken, it was an inspirational choice. The shed was huge, clean, well ventilated in the 30°C heat and provided perfect shade for the hands-on section.

Joan Hart missed my last workshop just up the road at Rockhampton back in 2013 and waited impatiently for three years for me to return. She was so enthusiastic she managed to convince her husband Doug to join us, quite an accomplishment, so she says. I had quite a chat with Doug and Rural Fire Brigade volunteers who would like to see Large Animal Rescue become an integral part of emergency services training in Central Queensland. I would really like that to happen.

Sadly, Zebedee gave his last gasp at the previous workshop and I had to purchase a replacement inflatable zebra. Much to my shock, they have undergone gender reassignment surgery and Zebedee is now Debra the Zebra… bouldy2 bouldy3 bouldy4 bouldy5 bouldy6 bouldy7 bouldy8 bouldy9 bouldy10 bouldy11 bouldy12 bouldy13 bouldy14 bouldy15 bouldy16


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