QHC Large Animal Rescue workshop, Tamworth 7 June 2017


“Your presentation (and demonstrations) was one of the best that I have ever attended.” Dr Adrian C. Bryant, veterinarian, Gilgai, NSW.

Bob McKinnon, Team Leader Animal Biosecurity and Welfare, North West Local Land Services, organised my latest Large Animal Rescue information workshop, at Tamworth in NSW.

Forty-three engaged and articulate participants — Local Land Services staff, representatives from Australian Veterinary Association and Veterinary Health Research, SES volunteers, vets, a couple of vet nurses and a handful of horse owners — enjoyed the perfect training venue at the NSW DPI Training Centre, once they found it. Bob said DON’T USE GOOGLE MAPS and those of us who didn’t hear him the first time soon found out why. Google, you should be ashamed for overlaying your maps wrongly on the Tamworth map. No matter where in Tamworth you want to go, you will have an interesting journey. I tried to find a particular cafe for dinner, enjoyed a lengthy tour of the ‘burbs before reaching my destination and being told to walk from there. In the dark, across an unlit wasteland? Needless to say, that didn’t happen.

Everything else was perfect, thanks in no small part to the availability of SESil, one of Hawkesbury SES’s rescue training mannequins. Thank you, David King, for allowing us to use SESil, and Bob McKinnon and Amy Sheridan for driving the five hours to Wilberforce to pick him up and, again, to return him. SESil very nearly had a change of name when one wit asked if he was called Neigh-deen!

I enjoyed lively discussions with participants during my presentation and at morning tea and lunch, and the cold and sleet didn’t deter participants from working with SESil with several happy to repeat techniques until they were cool with them. Did I mention it was cold? It dropped to 0°C overnight and we worked in a fresh 8°C with a brisk southerly breeze. For a girl from the Gold Coast where daytime temps are still in the low 20s, it was interesting.

The weather had one last laugh; the following morning our 6:30 a.m. flight was delayed for five hours due to fog. Thanks, Tamworth. No matter what you throw at me, I look forward to returning!

“Once again thank you for the training you delivered yesterday. Interesting. Relevant. Credible. Your comments on managing the ‘scene’ were spot on. What is the process for getting you to Northern NSW again (Inverell probably) to deliver this training?” Andrew Biddle, District Veterinarian, Northern Tablelands Local Land Services

“This was the best workshop of any description that I’ve ever attended!” Bob McKinnon, Team Leader Animal Biosecurity and Welfare, North West Local Land ServicesTamworth 1 (640x275) Tamworth 2 (640x360) Tamworth 3 (640x360) Tamworth 4 (640x367) Tamworth 5 (640x391) Tamworth 6 (640x360) Tamworth 7 (640x360) Tamworth 8 (640x225) Tamworth 9 (479x479)

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