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Equine ER Contents

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Large Animal Rescue at Equidays NZ 2017
50th Large Animal Rescue workshop
QHC Large Animal Rescue workshop, Tamworth 7 June 2017
Large Animal Rescue workshop, Main Ridge, Victoria, 12 November 2016
Bouldercombe Large Animal Rescue workshop 22 October 2016
5 new rescue training mannequins for Australia
EVA recognises Anthony Hatch’s services to the horse industry
Perth Large Animal Rescue workshops 26th & 28th April 2016
2018 workshops, presentations and demonstrations
2015 International LAR conference
Maryborough Large Animal Rescue workshop 4 October 2015
40th Queensland Horse Council Large Animal Rescue information workshop
QHC / ATHRA Large Animal Rescue workshop 5 September 2015
Large Animal Rescue workshop for Tynong Fire Brigade 29 August 2015
Jimboomba LAR workshop 26 July 2015
6th International Large Animal Rescue conference, Prague, December 2015
Large Animal Rescue workshops and presentations Perth, WA 9-12 June 2015
Workshop with Professor Josh Slater PhD BVM&S, Royal Veterinary College, London
Kiama SES Large Animal Rescue video on YouTube
Australian Journal of Emergency Management
Australian Journal of Emergency Management
Second workshop at Portland, Victoria. 21 March 2015
Second LAR workshop at Beaconsfield Upper 15 March 2015
WA Horse Council mannequin has a name!
Name the rescue training mannequin competition!

2015 Large Animal Rescue workshops and events
Beaconsfield Upper LAR workshop 29 November 2014
Large Animal Rescue training for vet students 11 October 2014
Three more mannequins for Australia
Portland workshop 28 June 2014
Resquip rescue glide now available!
Another workshop for RSPCA Qld
Equestrian Victoria Large Animal Rescue workshop 15 April 2014
Wodonga Large Animal Rescue workshop 5 April 2014
Rescuing large animals – what is your corporate risk?
Talking Horses radio interview
Large Animal Rescue workshops at Wodonga 23 & 24 November 2013
See Horse Talk TV on YouTube
Blue Mountains mare rescued
Large Animal Rescue in NZ
Coffs Harbour Large Animal Rescue workshop 3 August 2012
Mudgeeraba Large Animal Rescue workshop 28 July 2013
Blackbutt Large Animal Rescue workshop 21 July 2013

Donkey Society of Queensland Large Animal Rescue workshop at Boonah 23 June 2013
Mackay Large Animal Rescue workshop 7 July 2013
Greenbank Rural Fire Brigade workshop 16 June 2013
Townsville Large Animal Rescue Roadshow workshop 9 June 2013
ALL the photos from Wallumbilla 26 May 2013
Large Animal Rescue Roadshow Atherton 5 May 2013
Scenic Rim Regional Council animal control officers take the LAR lead
Peachester Roadshow workshop
QHC Large Animal Rescue Roadshow kicks off big-time!
Queensland Horse Council 2013 Large Animal Rescue Roadshow
Large Animal Rescue at Equitana Melbourne 2012
Large Animal Rescue on Horse Talk TV tommorow!
Photos from Purga!
Queensland Horse Council receives grant
2013 International Large Animal Rescue Conference in Australia
Horse SA orders training mannequin from the UK
Equine veterinarians learn Large Animal Rescue techniques
Queensland Rural, Regional and Remote Women’s Network Strong Women Leadership Awards finalist
Proposed livestock safety exposure course for American high school students
Large Animal Rescue on Series 3 of Horse Talk TV
Large animal Rescue training with circus animals
Pony Club mare successfully rescued from float smash in NZ
MaryAnne nominated for another award!
Large Animal Emergency Rescue training for Aussie equine vets
Flood rescue article in latest ‘Australian Horseman’ magazine
Queensland Rural Regional and Remote Women’s Network awards nominee
Hawkesbury SES to the rescue of horses trapped on island!
Thank you, Jan Dodds
Half-price sale!
Emergency contact numbers
Two new LAR information evenings for SA
Equine Emergency Rescue Christmas special!
A stunningly successful Equitana Sydney!
Equine Emergency Rescue on Horse Talk TV
Successful Aussie rescues
Large Animal Rescue equipment available in Australia
Getting ready for Equitana Sydney!
Photos from the phenomenally successful SES “training the trainers” workshop at Hawkesbury
RSPCA NSW Large Animal Emergency Rescue awareness course 21 September 2011
Three down… Technical Large Animal Emergency Rescue training in Queensland
I’m sharing stand 107 in the Southee Pavilion at Equitana Sydney
Warren Backhouse endorses Equine Emergency Rescue
Thank you for a book that should be a part of every horse owner’s library
QHC Large Animal Rescue Awareness course
Mare safely rescued from water tank in NSW
Horsezone reviews ‘Equine Emergency Rescue’
Aussie Large Animal Rescue training May 2011
Book review
Equine Emergency Rescue at Farmcraft Expo
September LAR training courses
Shooting the cover

R M Williams Outback magazine review
SES needs sponsorship for Large Animal Rescue equipment
Win a copy of Equine Emergency Rescue
‘Blues’ reviews Equine Emergency Rescue
Equine Emergency Rescue launched at Equitana
Equine Emergency Rescue book launch at Equitana
Large Animal Rescue training courses begin in Australia